Dear members and associations

Can you describe the end of a session with one word?
We are of the opinion, yes, you can, because finally the session 2020/2021 has ended with the past Ash Wednesday and thus history!
Let's be honest, this was not a session as we love and also live.
After the first ban in 1991 because of the Gulf War, a virus has again prevented us from practicing our customs in 2021 until the end of the session.
However, there is a serious difference here: the ban in 1991 did not save the lives of a single person in the Gulf region.
In contrast, the current cancellation was certainly justified and has helped to ensure that the evening-by-evening data on Covid-19 has not turned out to be even more dramatic.
Confronted with this situation, many places were now thinking about how to transmit at least a little foolishness.
The wealth of ideas was boundless and it was fantastic to see what was presented on the various platforms by societies, but also by individuals.
We take this fact as an opportunity to thank you very much for this commitment and behavior to the current situation !
Also the television showed understanding and presented various sessions, of course in compliance with the respective hygiene regulations.
But also here it became quite fast obvious that something was missing and that were WE!
Without a foolish audience and there spontaneous reaction to the contributions it did not "humanize", one saw basically a film and that proves the importance of our customs.
We bring people together, regardless of skin color and descent, celebrate the 5th season together and respectfully and thus make a great contribution to our society. 

We believe that this is more important than ever, especially in the current situation, and we ask that we do not let up.
We wish you all now the necessary confidence and the sensitive behavior to defeat this virus, as well as a time of preparation for the session 2021/2022, in which we may again give the foolery the importance it deserves.

Please take care of yourself and stay healthy

The Federal Executive Committee

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